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The sky is the limit – or more accurately, the zoning laws are to how many floors you can have. But size is not everything! It's how you use the area that really matters.

Building instructions are carried out by construction workers. They can however be a little bit noisy, so beware to not disturb your guests too much with poorly timed renovations.


A pinch of show biz, a lot of care and a meticulously planned layout is all it takes... for critics to even consider your establishment for review.

TO IMPRESS them it is going to take lot more. They will review the expediency of the service provided from check-in to the time it takes for the food comes in at the restaurant. Cleanliness, odours, noise, atmosphere must all be perfect.


Sleeping is for the guests, this is a 24/7 business. For any hotel that has not achieved five stars there are improvements to be made.

UPGRADE the supply chains, to facilitate more guests and offer better service. A wide range of facilities and entertainment will be required to appease the upper crust clientele. Adapt to your guest's preferences by providing the right amenities and activities.

Hotel Architect

About this game

Hotel Architect invites you to step into the shoes of a hotel entrepreneur! Embark on a comical journey that will take you to distinctively fascinating locations and challenge you to overcome unexpected obstacles.

Unleash your entrepreneurial passion by creating exquisite multistorey hotels all over the world. You must stay on your toes and constantly adapt to new scenarios created by the increasingly crazy demands of your most extravagant guests.

Transform empty property lots into bustling profitable hotels! With excellent architecture and management skills, the stars will soon start flooding into your hotels.




Taking care of laundry and cleaning, Housekeepers are essential to provide basic hotel services.



Receptionists are in charge of check-ins and check-outs, as well as taking notes of guest complaints.



Chefs are heads of the kitchen, and are in charge of preparing and cooking your guests' meals.



Taking care of orders and dishes, the Waiter's purpose is to provide the guest a pleasant restaurant experience.



Every casino need its Croupier to satisfy the guests' desire to spend money.



When you finished a layout, Builders are called in to lay foundation, construct walls and install amenities.



In case of an emergency, Firefighters may be called in to help you solve the situation.

Business person


Stressful by day, bon vivant after hours, the Business person appreciates both conference rooms and quality restaurants.



Being an embracer of life, the Hippie appreciates nature, the sun and cheap wine.



Basic hotel services tend to please Backpackers. They are more interested in exploring activities in the nearby environment.



The Sporty guests will rank your hotel primarily based on the size of your gym and your supply of sports drinks

Upper Crust


Fine dining, spas and other luxury amenities are crucial to please the Upper Crust clientele.


Your advisors are your loyal servants, but they may become unavailable if their influence is too badly damaged from failing your risky requests. Asking for illegal actions can limit their ability to do their job and cost them their freedom.


Frank is generally a calm guy, lately however you have pushed the limits of what is legal close to the breaking point. The risks are tremendous, but you have assured him it is worth it.


Janet is quite pleased with how things are going. The finances are in order and there is just enough work to enjoy it. There could be a few more zeroes on the bank statement, but all in due time.


Mike is feeling ABOVE AND BEYOND working with you! The operation is running as smooth as silk. There is no limit to what can be achieved working together in building your massive hotel empire.